Chaussure Bokit motif silhouette

Men’s indoor shoes: Winter Collection

Men’s indoor shoes: Pages of ambiances and inspirations fot the winter 2018-2019 collection

This first collection of men’s indoor shoes marks a change in the world of men’s fashion.

With the influence of casual and sportswear in our cloakroom, our look is less formal. We play with different worlds to “live better” everyday: in slow life and creative way.

With BOKIT shoes, these codes are handled with boldness and lightness.

For this season, we have developed two strong themes. Two different themes and yet so close. As with the inside and the outside, the bright colors and the neutral tones we mix the codes, the universes.

Men’s Indoor Shoes: GRAPHIC CONTRAST Theme

With GRAPHIC CONTRAST we dare bright colors associated with darker tones. We accumulate, we play the contrasts, we associate.

Like the signature at the bottom of a picture, the BOKIT shoes are an end point to your look.

In your cloakroom everyday they bring color, freshness, something extra that will give the originality to your outfit.

Red body shape patternFor this theme we have developed an exclusive motif.

Silhouettes that reflect a certain need to stand out from the crowd to be oneself. A sometimes paradoxical feeling with our desire to belong to a group, a community.

An opposition that can be found at BOKIT: indoor shoes or outdoor shoes? It’s up to you!

Men’s indoor shoes: Theme MINIMAL VIBES

With this theme, we develop our desire to live in a more serene environment. We take the time, we go to basics, we simplify.

Khaki and dark blue shoulders with the gray for an atmosphere suspended in time.

Unlike GRAPHIC CONTRAST, which is inspired by a more urban universe, here we immerse ourselves in forms and colors of a minimalist nature.

In indoor and in the city, comfort and simplicity combine with the more urban look for a successful mix and match.

In this research we drew the ALTITUDE pattern. Forms and organic tones that have sometimes added a touch of orange squash.

With this collection we invite you to try, discover, dare to allow you to express your personality and your values.