bokit shoes

Indoor Shoes : New essentials

The story of BOKIT began around the idea of ​​creating comfortable and trendy indoor shoes.

At home, even if you are not exposed to dozens of people watching you, we are convinced that you should be able to find shoes that match your personality. Our products are resolutely designed to be creative, contemporary and elegant.

In the GRAPHIC CONTRAST collection, we play with bright colors and darker tones.

Let’s merge and mix for a trendy, casual and contemporary style.

The Chill, an elegant and finest line.

For this season, we have selected two strong themes : Graphic Contrast and Minimal Vibes . different but yet so close. Like  inside and outside, the indoor and outdoor, bright colors and neutral tones, we mix codes and different worlds.

Natural colors are expressed in graphic patterns, the basic tones in multiple declinations

Finally men’s shoes to wear at home but also outside!

They will bring you color and freshness. This little extra that will bring you originality and elegance.


A paradigm shift for the world of men's fashion

MINIMAL VIBES is one of the themes that inspired us for this collection.

We mean that we develop our desire to live in a quieter environment. Let’s take the time to go back to basics and simplicity.

Kakhies and navy blue are associated with gray for a timeless and atmospheric ambiance.  

Where GRAPHIC CONTRAST is inspired by a more urban universe,  we dive here into geometric shapes and  minimalist tones of nature.

Bokit, : design and quality in a pair of indoor shoes.

Wearing Bokit shoes allow claiming your look with style and comfort.

When these days, the Hygge is trendy, do not hesitate to wear your BOKIT shoes everywhere!