Travail sur la marque Bokit

Bokit shoes: birth of the brand of indoor shoes

Bokit shoes: How did it all begin?

The BOKIT adventure began two years ago. But let’s go back a bit.

June 2009, a degree in fashion and design in hand, I enter the world of work.

For seven years I worked for beautiful French houses like JM Weston, Sonia Rykiel, Façonnable where I learned the sales, the council and later, the management.

What I did not know at the time was that each of them would bring me here today.

All these years of experience allowed me later to present what was initially a project. Being able to sell my product, to convince my interlocutors is an essential step in the success of a company.

Bokit shoes: the starting point of the project

And then, there was this day or rather those days when I received people at home and I never knew what kind of shoes I could wear for these ocasions.

The heels are not necessarily comfortable and then on the floor of the living room … not great! Barefoot or in socks … there is more elegant!

Same thing around me. So, what kind of shoes wearing when your colleagues come to diner at home? What to wear when you want to be comfortable while keeping your style?

So I started by drawing some models. The idea was simple: make shoes comfortable but also aesthetic.


Bokit: the origin of the name

The BOKIT brand was born.

But why this name? Well, finding a name for a brand is far from simple, believe me!

You multiply the brainstormings, to find the right word which will be your identity.

At this time, I made a trip to Guadeloupe.

At that moment I said to myself “take a break, do not think about it anymore and after these holidays, you will have a clearer mind”.

And then, first day, first beach, first lunch and there, a take away that offers bokits, hot salted slippers (a treat!).

And there, I had a revelation; I said “well, I just call the mark BOKIT”, like a wink at these slippers.

As much to say that for the rest, it was missed!

The following has been an intense and incredible journey that I will tell you, if you wish, a next time.